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What we do differently 

Unlike other brands, we made it our priority to source and produce everything sustainably.

That means, all parts, from fabric to trims and packaging, are chosen carefully based on the most sustainable options available on the market.


When we first started designing our collection, we found ourselves in a dilemma:

We love fashion and to create, but we hate the disastrous impact the fashion industry has on our planet.

As a result, we made it our priority to use only recycled or biodegradable materials.

Furthermore, we try to avoid materials like cotton altogether, as their farming requires huge amounts of water, and instead replace them with superheroes like hemp.

By avoiding virgin materials in all areas, we considerably lower our environmental footprint and give new life to already existing materials.

In doing so, we actively contribute to driving the demand for recycled goods in the market, and thereby create an incentive for the industry to invest further into sustainable solutions. 

COMING SOON: A detailed list of all materials used in our collection along with their characteristics.


This is what happens when we wash our beloved synthetic fabrics. Through the friction of the machine, tiny fibers are shed and, through our wastewater, eventually wind up in waterways, polluting the environment and harming wildlife.

Scientists estimate that a whopping 35% of the micro plastic pollution in the world's oceans is caused by textiles in the form of synthetic microfibers. This would make it the largest known source of marine microplastic pollution. 

In order to prevent this from happening, all of our orders containing synthetic materials come with a special wash bag.

This helps to keep the fibers out of our waterways and also protect your garments further from the washing machine's impact.

Win win!


When it comes to sustainability, the impact and composition of trims is often ignored.  

One of the reasons is, that it can be particularly difficult to find sustainable solutions in this area. At DAYZE however, we're challenging ourselves to go above and beyond for our clients, to make sure they get the real deal.

Stay updated on our material list for more details.



At DAYZE, we love art and one of our favorite techniques is screen printing.

Traditionally, plastisol ink is used in the process, plastic-based ink that contains PVC and phthalates which are harmful to the environment and the body. Moreover, they require the use of toxic solvents in the cleanup process.

The good news is, we only use water-based ink for our prints. No toxic chemicals whatsoever involved and of superior quality!

Plastisol ink tends to crack and peel over time as it sits directly on top of the garment, whereas water-based ink replaces the color of the garment in the printed areas, creating a long-lasting, crisp print.

Yes to this! 



All of our packaging is recycled and recyclable and some of it is even biodegradable!  


All good things come to an end eventually, and so does our clothing. But where does it go?

Sadly, the answer to this is mostly: Into a landfill.  To prevent that from happening, we do two things:

1) We avoid mixed materials that are hard or impossible to recycle (as little as 1% can be sufficient to make a garment non-recyclable).

This way, garments can be reintroduced into the production cycle.

2)Whenever possible, we choose biodegradable ingredients in the first place, so that if one of our products ends up in a landfill, it doesn't harm the environment.



To cut down carbon emissions as much as possible, we focus on local sourcing and production. 

Whenever we can, we work with partners directly in Italy. In case we have to source abroad, we stay within the EU.



We're currently working on a digital label, which allows the customer to directly access detailed information about every step of the production chain to ensure maximal transparency.


Fair pay and safe working conditions are very important to us. Therefore we work with verified and certified partners only.


To ensure the best quality, we invest in a meticulous development process of each design. All our designs are produced in a limited quantity.

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