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Who we are:

DĀYZE® is an eco-conscious streetwear brand, based in Tuscany, Italy.

We believe in elevated and functional but fun pieces, with the potential to become wardrobe staples.

Chasing trends is not for us, instead, we invest in longevity.


Contrary to other brands, we do not stop at the bare minimum.

We focus on always using biodegradable and/or recycled materials.

This holistic approach includes everything, from the outer shell materials down to the trims and packaging.


But that's not it: 

- We focus on local partners to cut emissions and strengthen the local economy.

In other words: We are made in Italy for real.


- Our materials and partners are certified, ensuring a maximum of transparency and traceability. 


- Quality, fair pay, equal rights and humane working conditions are a core value to our brand.

Shady subcontractors? No grazie.


-  As a brand, our responsibility spans over the whole lifecycle of our products.

Therefore, we use materials that are not only recycled or biodegradable, but also easily recyclable themselves. This facilitates reintroducing them back into the production cycle, getting one step closer to a circular economy.

What else?

Our goal is to create an inclusive and safe space for everybody-  and every body.

We support individual expression and believe in the beauty of diversity.

To underline that, we are working towards an inclusive sizing offer.

Final words:

Every time we buy something, we make a powerful choice. 

Today, we invite you to use your power, to directly contribute to a better, more sustainable future.

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